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Encryption Would Help Prevent a Lot Of Cyber Attacks

Holds Ransomeware

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Sticky Pot appliance gives the information security administrators peace of mind. We monitor your networks for Ransomware attacks on a 24x7 basis. Sticky Pot holds the Ransomeware and keeps it busy by letting the Ransomeware encrypt its vast read-intensive file system. While the attacker is engaged, the system alerts our 24x7 Wide Watch monitoring team. Our team will notify you ASAP in case of Ransomeware attacks.

AI Powered

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Our AI agents continuously monitor for any Ransomeware or hacking attacks in your network. Honey Pot monitor for anonymous hacking attempts and Ransomeware attacks that happens in your environment. Our agents are well equipped to handle multiple networks (your core networks, such as server VLAN, DMZ,...) in the same virtual appliance. These AI agents are 24x7x365, as well as our security operations center.

Attack Analysis

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Our SOC (Security Operations Center) consists of Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 technicians. This team is a 24x7x365 team. We have round-the-clock support across the continents. Our SOC team acts as the first level support and analyzes all the logs received from the on-prem agents before escalating to the customer. This process helps almost to eliminate the false positives, and you are alerted only for the actual threats; peace of mind.

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