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We are excited to announce our partnership with Zix, a leader in email security. Zix provides effortless email security to businesses, a superior experience to their workforces and guaranteed protection everywhere their employees go, and on any device. With their solutions, secure email is as easy as regular email.

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Company Profile

Zix/Appriver wants to nix unauthorized clicks or any other untoward use of your e-mail. The company offers a full-range of email security products and services that include email encryption, advanced threat protection, archiving, Bring-Your-Own-Device security, and data loss prevention. Customers can buy them as standalone products or in bundles. Zix targets customers in the health care, financial services, insurance, and government sectors (including financial regulatory agencies). Zix delivers more than 1.5 million encrypted messages on a usual business day. The company built out its email security portfolio through acquisitions made in 2017.

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AppRiver Partners Gain Access to ZixEncrypt

AppRiver always has been a go-to platform for securely connecting managed service providers and their customers but is becoming even more powerful after its acquisition by Zix. By integrating ZixEncrypt email encryption capabilities with the AppRiver suite, Zix will make these communication encryption tools available to AppRiver’s 4,500 partners.

ZixEncrypt is the gold standard in email encryption, offering the industry’s only bidirectional transparent email encryption. With ZixEncrypt, senders and recipients can exchange encrypted email without any extra steps. The patented Best Method of Delivery ensures that messages are delivered in the most efficient and secure way possible, whether that’s ZixEncrypt-to-ZixEncrypt, policy-based Transport Layer Security, or our mobile-friendly Secure Portal. ZixEncrypt offers your customers and business partners convenient and secure send and receive capabilities that help them adhere to industry-specific compliance standards.

Key Benefits of the Zix AppRiver

Email Threat Protection

Simpler and more secure email. Prevent malware, ransomware and other advanced threats from compromising your email and your business.

Email Encryption

Automatic email encryption and data loss prevention offer unparalleled peace of mind for you, your employees and your executives.

Link Protection

With advanced link protection, attachment sandboxing, message retraction, quarantine, and a full dashboard of awareness, confidently secure your inboxes and keep your network from being a major vulnerability for your business.

Secure File Transfer

Share easily and confidently, period. Securely share files of any size and type, with full tracking features and e-signature capability, all designed to keep your business moving forward.